"Thank you very much, Carina, you have helped me a lot. You have helped me identify my weaknesses and mistakes in pronunciation. I can see a tremendous improvement after attending your course."


English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Training

(For Private Training only)


English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Training is tailored for learners who are non-English speaking, such as foreigners, as well as anyone who feels a need to improve their pronunciation and articulation skills.

Many of our students have made tremendous improvements after attending our private classes. Some of our students are from foreign countries such as France, Korea, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan, Thailand and India. Better pronunciation has also helped my learners to improve in their over presentation skills.

Learning Objectives:​

• Help students achieve the ability to pronounce and articulate correctly.

• Learn about the inter-relation of our speech organs.

• Enunciate vowels and consonants with correct mouth movements.

• Accent Reduction training helps to enhance the verbal skills, to sound more natural and facilitate easy understanding by others

Course Outline:​

Part 1: English Consonant Sounds and Pronunciation Drills

Stops Sounds: b sound, p sound, d sound, t sound, g sound, k sound

• Affricates Sounds: j sound and ch sounds

• Fricative Sounds: Voiced th , z sound, v sound, and zh sound and unvoiced th • s sound, f sound, sh sound and h sound

• Nasal Sounds: m sound, n sound, and ng sound

• Liquid Sound: l sound, r sound, er sound, ar sound, or sound, air sound

• Glide Sounds: w sound and y sound

Part 2: English Vowel Sounds and Pronunciation Drills

• Long and Short Vowel Sounds: a sound, e sound, i sound, o sound, u sounds

• Other Vowel Sounds: oo sound, aw sound, oi sound ow sound

Part 3: Script Reading and Impromptu Narrative Speeches

Customization of Private Lessons

All our private lessons are 100% customizable for our students' needs. Subject to the feasibility of the request(s).