No 1 Excellent Communication Skills in Business Networking

Communicate to Grow Your Business

Many business owners are concern about getting new business leads. Through communication and interaction with people in a similar industry, you establish a network that will help you ace your score chart. Communication skills in business networking have become essential social skills for career and business growth.

Human Interaction Through Communication

Networking is a form of interaction. When we interact, we need to talk. Talking is a form of communication.

When people meet us the first time, they start to judge us. Our communication with them will determine how trustworthy we are and whether we are good business partners.

According to an article published by,

“You And Your Business Have 7 Seconds To Make A First Impression.”

Excellent Communication Skills In Business Networking
A Firm Handshake Is Important If You Want To Leave A Good First Impression During Business Networking.

Your Communication Skills

Non-Verbal communication skills are crucial when it comes to face-to-face networking. After all, the first impression counts!

Here is how people will perceive you:

  • Your overall visual impression 
  • Your presentation skills
  • Your eye contact and body language
  • Your confidence
  • Your industrial knowledge

Use Communication Skills to Establish a Personal Brand

Branding is about association. For example:

If you are networking for a creative job, you put on colorful attire because you want people to associate you with being creative.

On the other hand, if you are networking for a legal position, you will choose a dark color suit because you want people to associate with being serious.

So what should you do before, during, and after Business Networking?

Before Networking – Know Your Networking Goals

For Business Networking to succeed, you need to know your networking goals. Here are some networking goals:

  • To broaden your exposure
  • To create a positive image
  • To find prospects
  • To build a relationship with the suppliers and vendors,
  • To build relationships for business referral and influence
  • To build relationships for career
  • To build relationships with potential mentors

Preparing For Networking

Here is a list of things you have to prepare for the event:

  • Updated Business Cards
  • Your Elevator Pitch
  • A List of Questions
  • Appropriate Attire
  • Proper Grooming

During Networking – Observe Your Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Always look friendly and approachable. Initiate eye contact with people and start talking. Please do not wait for others to initiate a conversation with you because it will never happen. Communicate with an open mind.

After Networking – Follow-Up

Organize the name cards that you have collected at the event. Send them an “It is a pleasure meeting you” email. If you want your prospect to recall and remember you, do it immediately after the session ended.

In Conclusion

Business Networking involves a certain level of communication skills and preparation.

Understand your networking initiative goals, prepare all the necessary tools before attending the sessions, and, most importantly, remember to conduct a post-networking follow-up.

I will cover more on business networking communication and presentation skills tips and techniques in my future blogs.

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