First Job Interview – 2 Great Successful Tips

Human Perception

Your first job interview doesn’t have to be a scary event. It is all about Human Perception.

As we all know, perception is about how people see you.  If you want to impress others, you need to impress yourself first.

Tips For Your First Job Interview
Perception is not only the passive receipt of these signals, but it’s also shaped by the recipient’s learning, memory, expectation, and attention

Personal Branding is what you need for your employment success.

Personal Branding consists of:

  1. Internal Branding: How do you see yourself?
  2. External Branding: How do others see you?

Internal Branding: How do You See Yourself?

If your answers are all positive, you see yourself positively:

Do you believe that you are qualified for the role?
Do you believe that you are the candidate that they are looking for?
Do you believe that you can value-add to the organization?
Do you believe that you will gain more experience in the next round if you fail this interview?
Do you believe that you have sufficiently prepared yourself for the interview?
Do you believe that you are there to beat all the contenders?
Positive Self-Belief, Mindset And Attitude = A Successful Job Interview

This positive mental state will allow you to project yourself confidently at interviews.

“Many Corporations seek candidates with a good attitude and a positive mindset as part of the hiring requirement.”

First Job Interview - Successful Tips
A Positive Attitude And A Good Mindset – A Key To Ace Your Job Interview – Tips For Your First Job Interview

External Branding:  How do others see you?

The person you see in the mirror will be the person that the interviewer sees.

Conduct a self-check on the following areas. If you have a close friend, seek their feedback and advice. You want your interviewer to have a positive impression of you.

Here is the self-check list:

GroomingDo you look clean and neat?
If you are wearing spectacles, are the glasses clean?
For ladies, have you put on some make-up?
Eye ContactAre you focusing on the interviewer during the session?
Body MovementDo you have awkward body movements such as shaking legs, blinking eyes, scratching body etc.?
Your SpeechDo you articulate clearly?
Are you speaking too fast?
Do you sound enthusiastic?
Are there too many fillers in your speech? Such as “um”,”ah”, “you know” etc.
Your Communication StyleSo you sound passive, aggressive or assertive?
Your ResumeThis is your marketing tool, does it look impressive?
Have you included and magnified all your past accomplishments?
Non-Verbal Communication – An Important Element for The First Impression

In Conclusion

The more you understand yourself, the job function and the company, has already given you a good head start to win the interview.

Always bear in mind that the first impression is crucial. It determines whether you stand a chance for the second round of interviews.

Even if you fail to land yourself a job, every interview is an experience to train your communication skills.

In my coming blogs, I will cover more on business communication and presentation tips and techniques.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and if you have any feedback or suggestions, we welcome your writing in.

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