Top 10 Voice Skills Questions and Answers You MUST Know (Part 2)

Voice Training For A Great Voice
Voice Training For A Great Voice

1.      How long will it take to learn how to sing?

Well, that depends on how much time you spent time practicing the voice skills.  Our vocal folds have to be conditioned to enable them to stretch through our vocal registers.  Our lung capacity needs to be enhanced to store more air in our chest cavity, and our diaphragm is a muscle that needs to be strengthened to work at its best condition.  These are only the fundamentals skills in singing.  Not forgetting that we also need to study the lyrics, put in our emotions, and other singing techniques.  So, practice hard and you will able to sing well.

2.      How do I make my low notes stronger?

Try humming to your lowest chest possible.  Keep the airflow constant, controlled, and relax.

3.        How practical is voice skills training for improving one’s singing?

Many students are not sure how to project their voice correctly for singing or presenting (public speaking).  An experienced coach will be able to “listen” to your voice from inside out and make adjustments if the projection is wrong.  Most of the time, students will not be able to identify whether they project their voice correctly.  Hence, it is crucial to find an experienced coach who can go in-depth to hear the tone placement and provide prudent advice on how to do it correctly.

4.        What qualities of one’s singing voice are most likely to be improved? Will improving voice skills help?

The quality of your voice cannot be altered unless you want to go under the knife, such as reconstruction surgery.  You can use correct voice projection and singing skills to create unique styles with your voice.  Many singers and speakers have their unique styles and have created a persona for them.

5.        Singing well has always been my dream, but my voice falls very short. What is a way I can substantially improve my vocal capacities?

Find your style.  If your vocal range is limited, choose songs that are composed with a short register.   As you practice your voice skills, your vocal range will be broadened gradually.  As the vocal folds are elastic, and it will be conditioned to perform,  apply singing techniques to bring out the inner emotions and create visuals that your audience can resonate with.

6. How can I learn to sing better?

You may learn to sing better by engaging an experienced voice coach. Although numerous articles and resources that you could download from the internet, such as YouTube tutorials, it is never the same compared to having a coach standing beside you, listening and guiding you through the correct steps in voice projection. I have a student who spent hundreds of dollars buying online learning materials on voice projection skills, but soon he realized that he learned nothing from them. 

He spent 2 hours with me, and he understood and learned the new voice skills almost instantly.

7. Is it possible to train your voice to sing like professional singers?

Every individual is different.  Of course, you can train your voice to sing like professional singers, however, the construction of our voice anatomy varies.  Adult men and women typically have different sizes of the vocal fold; reflecting the male-female differences in larynx size. The vocal folds have a three-layer construction of an epithelium, vocal ligament, then muscle (vocals muscle), which can shorten and bulge the folds. (Source: Wikipedia). Hence, you can sing like professional singers, with your own personality and persona.

In Conclusion

Working on developing your voice stamina and quality can sometimes be frustrating. Especially when too many questions are running through your mind and trying hard to find the right answers.

Online tutorials and books can offer some help. However, there are other areas when face-to-face training can be a more effective approach.

If you have any questions that you are not finding any answers to, feel free to drop me a note and I will do my best to answer them.

In my coming blogs, I will cover more on voice and presentation tips and techniques.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and if you have any feedback or suggestions, we welcome your writing in.

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