Great Business Networking 101 – Questions and Answers (Part 1)

I am an Introvert.  How can I effectively involve in a Business Networking session?

Anyone can effectively involve in a Business Networking session. It is all about how much you prepare for the event and your mental readiness. If you keep a “goal” in mind and keep yourself motivated, you will have a fruitful networking session. Ask yourself this question:

“How can this networking session benefit me?”

Whatever answer it might be, it should be your motivating factor.

How loud should I talk so that my voice is audible?

In a Business Networking session, depending on the crowd and the background noise, you can adjust your speech volume without sounding like you are shouting. The objective of communication is to pass a message. If the background is noisy, it will help if you practiced using Diaphragm to speak. Anchor your vocal tone and adjust the volume as and when necessary. A well-anchored voice will ground your voice better and give others an impression that you are confident and well-prepared.

What can I use to substitute with Name cards as I do not have any?

This should not even be a question.  If you know you have an upcoming networking session, get your name card printed before the event.  Contents in your name card should include:

  • Logo
  • Company name
  • Tagline
  • Your name
  • Job title
  • Website
  • Contact details (Mobile Number, Office Number, and Email Address)

Please do not use an obsolete name card. Striking the old info and write in the new information will only make your image look sloppy. The exchanging of name cards in some regions can be of a higher value practice, such as Japan and China

How can I prepare myself to ask relevant questions?

Before your Business Networking session:

  1. Write down a list of goals that you want to achieve due to time limitations.
  2. Try to get hold of the attendees’ list. If this is not possible, research the organizer’s past events and understand its demographics and background.
  3. Based on your goals, write down the questions that you would like to know.
  4. Prepare a list of contents that you think others will be interested in and share them on top of this.

Networking sessions are also a session to exchange information.

The thought of “Business Networking” makes me nervous.  How do I deal with this?

Here is what you can do:

Step 1:  Keep an Open Mind

Reframe your thoughts and tell yourself it is just information-sharing events. Don’t be too overwhelmed by unable to establish relationships and get new leads. When you are less nervous, your general physics will be relaxed. Thus, able to aura more positive vibes will, in return, engage with people better.

101 Business Networking Q&a
Always Look Enthusiastic And Smile When You Are Communicating With People At Business Networking.
Step 2:  Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Prepare yourself for the event: Before, during and after the session.

Before the event:
  • Do your research
  • Prepare a set of questions.
  • Anticipate questions and prepare a list of answers
  • Dress for the occasion
  • Rehearse in front of the mirror
  • Prepare your marketing pitch.
  • Work on your strategy to get into a conversation.
  • Get your marketing tools ready such as name cards, Resumes, personal or business profiles.

During the event:

  • Be mindful of your body language. It often tells a story.
  • Keep the conversation interesting.
  • Give your best first impression.
  • Maintain a good eye contact

After the event:

  • Follow up with your prospects while they are still hot.
  • Send them an email and thank them for the meeting.
  • Set up further meetings if necessary
5 Eye Contact Tips (Source: Teen Coach)

In Conclusion

Business Networking involves a certain level of communication skills and preparation.

Understand your networking initiative goals, prepare all the necessary tools before attending the sessions, and, most importantly, remember to conduct a post-networking follow-up.

In my coming blogs, I will cover Part 2 of the Great Business Networking 101.

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