5 Communication Tips At Festive Seasons

Social Gatherings and Communication Skills

With festive seasons round the corner, many feel obligated to attend social gatherings.

There might be a chance that you will meet new people, who might be your potential business associates or customers.

However, social gatherings involve a lot of communication skills.

From the way you communicate verbally to your body language and hand gestures. It takes practice and applications to perfect it.

In today’s blog, I will provide some communication tips to ensure that you present yourself positively and establish a good impression at social events.

Your Mindset

5 Communication Tips At Festive Seasons
Reframing is not about self-deceiving. It is about jumping out from the old frame and re-picture yourself in the new frame for a brand-new perspective.

Be careful of what your mind tells you. Ironically, our minds are brilliant in sending us a negative message. Keep a positive and open mind when being invited to social events. 

 If you are getting negative messages from your mind, try reframing the message. Here is an example:

Negative Message from Your Mind: 

“What again? I don’t even know the people there. It is a waste of my time.”

Try Re-Framing the Statement:

“What again? Well, since I am invited, I will see what business or career opportunity that will bring.”

Your Objective

Once you have established an open mindset, the next step is to set your goals.

Since you will be spending some time at the event, do a quick research on who will be there and the occasion. If you can visualize your goals, it will render the event some importance.  

Your Preparation

After you have identified your goals, prepare yourself for the event:

  • Whom do you want to approach?
  • How will this person help you with your goal?
  • When is the best time to arrive?
  • When is the best time to leave?
  • What do you need to bring along, e.g., business cards?
  • What attire should you wear?
  • How should you start your conversation?
5 Communication Tips At Festive Seasons
Body Language – A non-verbal communication skill

Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Observe your non-verbal cues:

  • Your eye contact
  • Your facial expression
  • Your body language
  • Your hand gestures
  • Your visual look 

Do keep in mind that our mind controls our body movements.  Often, when we are impatient, our body language and facial expression will show.

Ensure you keep a positive mindset to avoid unnatural or harmful non-verbal cues from ruining your professional image. 

Communication Skills
Always Look Enthusiastic And Smile When You Are Communicating With People.

The Duration

Know how long will the event last helps you to plan your meeting agenda. Determine how long you intend to stay and make full use of the duration to attain your goals.

When you want to leave the venue, make sure you let the host know that you are going. If the host insists that you stay longer, know what excuse you need to give. 

My favorite excuse is:

“I would very much like to stay, but my dog hasn’t had his dinner yet, and I need to be back for his feed.”.  

In Conclusion

Our business and career depend a lot on social connections. 

Although not all events you attend will meet your expectations and goals, getting to know more people is always an advantage.  

Make sure you rehearse your communication skills in front of the mirror before the event. How you see yourself in the mirror is how others will be seeing you.

Prepare a short elevator pitch of about 30 seconds. Practice saying it by recording it and review by playing back.

In my next blog, I will talk about how you can initiate a conversation at social events. Till then, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! 

I hope you enjoy reading this article, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, we welcome your writing in.

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Have you established your goals for the next social gatherings?

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