Great Communication Skills 101

Part 1

Great Communication Skills 101 

Answers all your questions relating to how you can better communicate with others. This 3-parts article will provide answers to the common questions you have about improving your Communication Skills. So, let’s dive in!

Great Communication Skills 101
Great Interaction Skills will bring you positive and healthy relationships

What are communication skills?

Communication Skills are skills of getting your message across via both verbal and non-verbal ways.

How can I improve these skills?

To improve these skills, you need to review your current verbal and non-verbal behaviors while interacting with others.

“In the 1970s, Prof. Albert Mehrabian of the University of California in Los Angeles cited that words, tone of voice, and body language respectively account for 7%, 38%, and 55% of personal communication.”

Verbal Behaviors are basically “what,” you say, which comprises:

    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Content

Non-Verbal Behaviors, on the other hand, is “how” do you say it, which comprises:


    • Pitch
    • Volume
    • Pacing
    • Speech fillers
    • Enunciation
    • Articulation


    • Body Language
    • Eye Contact
    • Hand Gestures
    • Attire
    • Overall Image

Hence, to improve these skills, you need to tackle every part of the above behaviors.

To Improve Your Skills, We Need To Review Your Current Verbal And Non-Verbal Behaviors.
To improve your interaction skills, you need to review your verbal and non-verbal behaviors.

Why is it important to have good communication skills?

Your communication skills affect how you relate to others. It will also project an image on you. You want others to associate you with depending on what and how your message is being sent, even down to the clothes you wear. Hence, having good interaction skills is crucial at both professional and personal levels.

What are five great ways to improve your communication skills?

    • Study how people conduct great speeches.
    • Identify people around you that communicate well and study how they do it.
    • Practice talking to yourself in front of a mirror.  How you see yourself is how others see you.
    • Listen to podcasts or audiobooks and learn the correct pronunciation from good speakers.
    • Record your speeches and playback to review. Set your goals and standards. Repeat the process until you are happy with your performance.

How do these skills help you in the workplace?

People with good interaction skills will have a better chance of being promoted or hired, especially for those who work in Multi-National Companies, when you need to communicate with people of all regions.

How important are these skills in the corporate world?

In the corporate environment, people come from all walks of life. Miscommunication happens when communicators conclude statements based on assumptions. 

When people from different cultures and languages come together, working in the same environment means that you have to buckle up your interaction skills to avoid miscommunication and achieve the best outcomes.

In Conclusion

Communication Skills, being one of the most important interpersonal skills globally, has their own attributes of attraction if you can fully understand and the ability to apply them. It is not just passing messages across. It encompasses a deeper notion that will bring people closer together and enhance healthy and positive relationships.

In my next blog, I will cover Part 2 of our 3-parts article on Great Communication Skills 101.

I hope you enjoy today’s articles. If you have any additional questions on Communication Skills that you would like us to provide insights with, we welcome your writing in.

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