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Course Overview

So you can speak English. But you are often requested by your listeners to repeat what you have just said. These occurrences aren't very pleasant for both the speaker and the listener, especially when communicating with overseas business partners.

Articulation is the physical act of clear vocal expression. You articulate sounds with your lips, teeth, tongue, jaw, and palates and use your mouth to vary those sounds in tone, volume, pitch, and quality. These all sound logical, but many individuals are still unable to articulate, and hence, it can be challenging for the listeners or audience to decipher what you are saying. If you are struggling with articulation (non-clinical), this program is for you.

You Will Learn

• How to articulate the sounds of English - 25 English Consonant sounds and 19 Vowel sounds.

• Where and how to place the various articulatory organs, namely, tongue, jaw, throat, teeth, palettes, nasal cavity, and lip, to make the right sounds.

Other Information You Should Know

As this is a short course, your coach will assess your articulation level before advising if this course is suitable for you upon sending in your inquiry.

Customization of Private Lessons

All our private lessons are 100% customizable for our students' needs. Subject to the feasibility of the request(s).