“I have started making small steps to present at company meetings. It is not as scary as I thought. Thank you, Carina, for believing in me and helping me rebuild my faith in this area."


Be A Fearless Speaker

(For Private Training only)


Be a Fearless Speaker is a training program focuses on eliminating unhealthy negative thoughts such as fear, anxiety, and nervousness before and during a presentation.

Learning Objectives:​

• Put your fear into perspective

• Transform your negative beliefs into positive thinking

• Use positive visualizations for creating your own success as a speaker

• Halt a panic attack before it really starts

• Breathing for Relaxation and Control

• Staying Focused and On Message

Course Outline:

Part 1: Understanding Your Fear of Public Speaking

• Overcoming speech anxiety

• Causes of speaking fear

• Matching fear reduction techniques to your situation

Part 2: Changing Your Negative Thinking

• Eliminating worst-case thinking

• Developing positive coping statements

• Directing your thinking into productive channels

Part 3: Breathing for Relaxation and Control

• Progressive Relaxation

• The Virtual Vacation

• Diaphragm Breathing

Part 4: Staying Focused and On Message

• Focused Relaxation

• Exercises for Mindfulness

• Using Positive Visualisation

• Reducing Nervousness While Speaking

• Getting comfortable with your own body

• Ways to Reduce Nervousness

Part 5: Self Development and Action Plan

Customization of Private Lessons

All our private lessons are 100% customizable for our students' needs. Subject to the feasibility of the request(s).