“As an accountant, I never knew that presentation can be so interesting. I really enjoyed the lesson.”


Power Voice and Presentation Skills Training

(For Private and Corporate Group Training)


Power Voice and Presentation Skills Training is designed to improve learners' communication skills and present with confidence. Learners will participate in various stages of a presentation, from planning to verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Learning Objectives:

• To build self-confidence and overcome stage fright

• To organise and structure a presentation effectively

• To connect with the audience

• To enhance verbal and non-verbal delivery skills

Course Outline:

Part 1: Basic Understanding of the Voice Instrument

• Fundamentals of Sound Production

• Finding Your Voice Tonality

• Correct Breathing Techniques for better vocal sustainability

• Waking Up Your Diaphragm – An Important Muscle for a Powerful Voice

Part 2: Vocal Expression in Speech

• Speech Pause, Stress, and Intonation

• Eliminate Speech Fillers

• Enunciation Training

Part 3: Building Presentation Structure

• Know Your Presentation Signposts

• Present with Confidence

• Speech Visualization

• Handling Questions and Answers

Customization of Private Lessons

All our private lessons are 100% customizable for our students' needs. Subject to the feasibility of the request(s).