“It is a great course to train teachers to use our diaphragm to project our voice loudly when doing public speaking. Every 2 years, teachers like us should attend this workshop to remind ourselves to use our diaphragm in speaking/talking loudly.”


Voice Skills Training for Singing, Presenting and Public Speaking

(For Private and Corporate Group Training)


Voice Projection Training is designed for individuals who need to utilize their voice skills to perform their profession, whether in singing, in presenting, or in public speaking. It begins with the basic techniques of effective voice production, and then guides the learners as they generalized these into everyday speech and presentation through a series of breathing and voice exercises. This is an intensive voice projection training.

Learning Objectives:

• Learn how to produce a clear and powerful voice

• Improve self-confidence and self-esteem

• Apply dynamics and proper tone to engage listeners

• Apply visual and emotion to your voice

Course Outline:

• Your Voice In The Making

• Basic Understanding of the Voice Instrument

• Fundamentals of Sound Production

• Finding Your Voice Tonality or Vocal Tone Replacement

• Correct Breathing Techniques for better vocal sustainability

• Waking Up Your Diaphragm – An Important Muscle for a Powerful Voice

• Conditioning and Releasing of Vocal Tension

Customization of Private Lessons

All our private lessons are 100% customizable for our students' needs. Subject to the feasibility of the request(s).